Terms and Conditions

PLADENT d.o.o, a company for production and trade, Business Zone Žeje pri Komendi, Pod hrasti 18, 1218 Komenda, registration number: 5540917, tax number: SI51492342, registration number: 1/141229/00 (“Pladent” or “provider”) offers high-quality products tailored to individual needs and desires from adhesive tapes and/or foam or other materials, as well as products made of vacuum-formed plastic.

We are aware of the importance of consistently meeting the desires and needs of our customers, so we establish the terms of business below, in accordance with which we will be able to provide our services in the most efficient and user-friendly manner.

The term “user” or “buyer” in these terms and conditions refers to any person who uses the website, expresses interest in the provider’s products, and/or decides to make a purchase or place an order/inquiry. For buyers who are individuals and meet the definition of a consumer according to Article 4 of the Consumer Protection Act, specific conditions or certain special rights apply, which do not apply to legal entities and business partners of the provider. This is specifically highlighted at the relevant points below, so that the buyer is designated with the narrower term “consumer” in relation to these terms and rights.

These terms of business, available at the bottom of the website www.pladent.si and at www.trgovina.pladent.si, managed by the provider (“website”) and published in a visible and accessible place in the exhibition space (“terms of business”), determine the conditions of purchasing products through the website, by phone, at the provider’s permanent (at the headquarters) or temporary (trade fair) exhibition spaces, thus regulating the business relationship between the buyer and the provider.

Business terms are an integral part of the binding agreement between the provider and the user/buyer.

Any changes to these terms and conditions take effect upon publication. For each purchase, the terms and prices valid on the day of offer or order confirmation apply, as stated in the offer or order confirmation.

If different general or specific conditions are agreed for individual users and/or regarding individual sections of these terms and conditions, these special conditions invalidate the part of the terms and conditions that regulate it differently. In the rest of the terms and conditions, adjustments are made, taking into account changes from special conditions or individual contracts.

The essential characteristics of products (in accordance with the customer’s instructions) and the price (including taxes and duties), as well as other essential elements of the binding agreement between the provider and the buyer (information on payment methods, payment terms, delivery time and method, etc.), apply as stated in the order confirmation or offer and at the moment of the final order confirmation or offer confirmation. The buyer is obliged to verify the accuracy of the data and the currently valid general conditions before placing an order and confirming the offer or receiving the order confirmation. Later objections regarding the accuracy of issued invoices will not be considered, and subsequent changes are possible only under the conditions stated below.

The Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, Code of Conduct, and Instructions for using the website, all available on the website www.pladent.si and www.trgovina.pladent.si, are also part of these terms and conditions.

Standard products are products made in advance according to standard measurements and taking into account the usual characteristics determined by the provider.

Custom-made products are products made according to the customer’s instructions and tailored to their personal needs. They reflect the customer’s personal choice and decision and are not pre-made.

The provider operates in digital form. It is considered that the user agrees to receive information in electronic form if they electronically submit an inquiry or order and provide their email address to the provider. At the explicit request of the user, the provider provides relevant documents and information on paper.

Website and Disclaimer
By using the website, the user accepts and agrees to all provisions of these terms and conditions, which also include all links and their integral parts, and confirms that they are familiar with the privacy policy.

The user of the website who enters any data is obliged to enter accurate and true data and information. Inaccurate and untrue data will be treated as abuse. Data obtained through online forms and when ordering will only be used to provide services in the online store and execute the order, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2).

We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and correctness (text or image) of the content published on the website, nor do we assume responsibility for any damage that the user may suffer due to relying on the published content. Information about products and services and product images on the website are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the actual characteristics of the goods (especially, but not exclusively, color deviations are possible). We do not assume responsibility for any errors in the visual and textual parts. Only the content of the contract between the provider and the user/buyer is binding.

We strive to provide up-to-date and accurate data on the website; nevertheless, the properties of the goods, delivery times

, or the price of goods and services may change so quickly that timely correction of data on the website is not possible. We reserve the right to make changes (including published prices) without prior notice.

We reserve the right to disable the website or disable access to it due to technical or other problems and maintenance. We are not responsible for reimbursing any damage or costs incurred by the user due to the cessation, malfunction, or hindrance of the website.

We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to the user’s hardware, software, or other equipment due to the use of the website. The user must ensure appropriate protection before accessing the website and using it.

All content (text, images, graphics, animations, audio and video files, and derivatives) published on the websites “trgovina.pladent.si” are the property of Pladent or its suppliers, or Pladent has obtained the appropriate rights for their use. These contents are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights protection, and it is not allowed to copy them for commercial use or distribution without the express prior consent of the rights holder. Similarly, these contents cannot be modified and republished on other websites, in web applications, or in any other publicly accessible way.

Order and Order Confirmation or Acceptance of the Offer
An order is considered the expressed will of the user – through the online store, email address: shop@pladent.si, or by phone 051 69 49 09, based on valid conditions and price list. The user must specify:

which product (product name) they want;
its essential characteristics if not standard (dimensions, shape, color, etc.);
their personal information (name and surname/company, address/headquarters);
contact information (phone number, email address); and
delivery address.
The provider reserves the right to contact the user at the provided phone number or email address for the purpose of confirming and executing the order.

The provider checks the received order for feasibility, availability, and price and sends the user an offer (purchase at the sales point or order for custom-made products) or order confirmation (when purchasing standard products through the online store), which includes the following information:

final price including taxes;
payment method and deadline;
delivery terms – time, place, and cost;
essential characteristics of the ordered product/products (taking into account user requirements).
The provider reserves the right to reject the order.

The usual delivery time is 5 to 7 working days from the order confirmation or payment, if required. If delivery within the usual timeframe is not possible, the provider will inform the buyer of the new estimated delivery time.

The buyer must verify the accuracy of the data before placing an order and upon receiving the order confirmation or confirming the offer. The buyer assumes responsibility for the provided data, which are crucial for the production of the goods, as stated in the order or confirmed in the order confirmation or confirmed offer. From the date of receiving the offer or order confirmation, the buyer cannot claim errors or inconsistencies, request changes, or withdraw from the contract.

A change to the placed order is possible until the order confirmation or offer acceptance.

The buyer accepts the offer with an oral or written statement (by electronic or regular mail) confirming the received offer. The offer can also be accepted by signing the offer and/or making an advance payment. In the case of an agreed-down payment, the offer is considered accepted with the payment of the down payment. The provider is not obliged to consider subsequent changes.

However, the provider will always strive to find the most suitable solution for the buyer and enable subsequent changes if possible. In such cases, the provider will prepare a new offer, taking into account the desired changes, which may affect the price and delivery time of the product. Depending on when and what changes are communicated, the provider may also charge the buyer manipulation costs and any damage incurred, all of which will be specified in the new offer.

The accepted offer or order confirmation is considered a Purchase Agreement between the provider and the user, and its integral parts are the valid terms and conditions. It binds the parties from the date of acceptance.

The contract between the provider and the buyer is considered concluded when the provider confirms the order (the buyer receives an electronic message “Order accepted”) or when the buyer confirms the offer. From this moment, all prices and conditions confirmed by the provider are fixed and valid for both parties, except if the buyer exercises the right to withdraw from the order or requests an appropriate change due to changed prices or conditions. The buyer can withdraw from the contract or request a replacement or adjustment of the order if the confirmed prices and conditions significantly differ from the prices and conditions known at the time of placing the order, so that the conclusion of the contract is no longer in the buyer’s interest. The buyer must notify the provider of withdrawal or a request for a change within 3 working days from receiving the order confirmation; otherwise, it is considered that the buyer agrees with the prices and conditions in the order confirmation.

The sales contract is stored in electronic form on the server of the online store or at the provider’s headquarters, in the form of an order confirmation or a confirmed offer. The buyer can request a copy of the order confirmation or confirmed offer, which will be sent to them in electronic form to their email address or in printed form to the provided address. The buyer can request a copy of the order confirmation or confirmed offer by email: shop@pladent.si or with a written request sent to the provider’s address.

The order/contract is concluded in the Slovenian language.

Delivery Terms

The provider fulfills its obligation under the sales contract by shipping the products – transferring actual possession of the product to the selected carrier or by transferring actual possession of the product to the consumer or a person authorized by the consumer on the specified address – as stated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation or as subsequently communicated (delivery). The person whose personal data or address the buyer provides for delivery is considered authorized to accept the products. By explicit agreement with the buyer, minors over the age of 14 can also validly accept the products.

Upon ordering or confirming the offer, and certainly before the delivery date, the buyer must inform the provider, in an appropriate way, of the exact delivery address, the name of the person authorizing receipt, and relevant circumstances (accessibility by delivery vehicle, access to higher floors with an elevator or without, the possibility of entering larger-sized products, possible time of delivery acceptance, etc.). In the case of delivering larger products or a larger quantity of products, the buyer must provide assistance from a healthy adult for entry into the delivery area or to the place of use.

If the buyer provides inaccurate or incomplete information to the provider, they are responsible for any damage incurred by the provider. If delivery is not possible due to this, the cost of unsuccessful delivery is borne by the buyer.

The provider ensures delivery through a specialized delivery service – DPD. If the user wants to pick up the goods in person, they can do so by prior arrangement (tel.: 051 69 49 09 or email: shop@pladent.si).

The cost of delivery depends on the weight and dimensions of the goods, according to the price list of the selected carrier. Delivery of products throughout Slovenia is free for orders over EUR 50 or if so indicated in the online store (e.g., for an individual product).

The provider will deliver the ordered products to the buyer within the agreed-upon period stated in the offer or order confirmation. The buyer will be informed by the selected carrier of the exact date and expected time of delivery within the delivery period, in accordance with the carrier’s conditions.

The buyer must ensure the acceptance of the delivered products at the communicated delivery time. If the buyer cannot ensure acceptance, they are in default and must reimburse the provider for any damage and storage and redelivery costs.

After dispatching the products, the buyer assumes responsibility for cases where physical damage, destruction, or loss of the shipment occurs, as well as if there is a shortage of content in the shipment or if the shipment shows signs of tampering (visible packaging damage). In all these cases, the buyer must initiate a complaint procedure with the selected carrier by taking the shipment to the nearest DPD office in the same condition as received, without adding or removing anything, and fill out a complaint record. The buyer can also arrange with the DPD representative for the pick-up of a damaged package at the delivery address. At the same time, the buyer must report the damage within 7 calendar days from the date of receiving the package to the email address shop@pladent.si or by phone at 051 69 49 09. When reporting damage, the buyer must also provide photos of the package, (internal) packaging, damaged product, DPD labels, and a description of the damage.

If the buyer is entitled to a VAT refund due to the export of the product from Slovenia, they must timely provide the provider with complete documentation (in accordance with Slovenian and EU legislation) on the basis of which the provider is entitled to the payment of VAT. If the buyer does not do this on time or the documentation is incomplete, the provider is not obliged to refund the VAT amount of the purchase price.

From the moment of dispatching the shipment with ordered products, the provider is not responsible for cases of physical damage, destruction, or loss of the shipment, nor if there is a shortage of content in the shipment or if the shipment shows signs of tampering (visible packaging damage). In all these cases, the buyer must initiate a complaint procedure with the selected carrier.
Returns and Warranty

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the purchased product within 14 days of receiving the product without stating a reason. The buyer must notify the provider of the withdrawal from the contract in writing within the specified period. The buyer can use the withdrawal form provided on the website, but it is not mandatory. The notice of withdrawal must be sent to the email address shop@pladent.si or the provider’s address. The buyer must return the received product to the provider within 14 days from the notification of withdrawal, and the provider must refund the purchase price to the buyer as soon as possible or within 14 days from receiving the returned product. The buyer is responsible for the costs incurred in returning the product.

The buyer cannot exercise the right to withdraw from the contract for custom-made products, products made according to the buyer’s instructions, and products that are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery.

The buyer is obliged to return the product undamaged, in its original packaging, and in the same quantity unless the product has been destroyed, damaged, lost, or its quantity has decreased without the buyer’s fault.

The buyer may also return the product without prior notice to the provider if the product is defective. In this case, the buyer must provide a detailed description of the defect and request a refund or replacement of the product. The buyer can exercise the right to a refund or replacement of a defective product within two years of receiving the product. The buyer is obliged to return the defective product to the provider. The costs of returning the defective product are borne by the buyer.

The provider will respond to the buyer’s complaint within five working days and inform the buyer of the further course of action. The provider is committed to resolving any disputes amicably.

The buyer can also enforce the warranty claim based on the warranty certificate if the warranty period is specified on the certificate. The warranty period starts on the date of delivery of the product.

Intellectual Property

All content on the website, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations, is the property of Pladent or its content suppliers and protected by Slovenian and international copyright laws.

The buyer agrees not to use any trademarks, logos, or other content found on the website for any purpose without the express written consent of Pladent.


The provider may contact the user or buyer via means of communication provided by the user or buyer, including email, telephone, or postal address.

The user or buyer agrees to receive promotional materials from the provider to the provided email address. The user or buyer can opt-out of receiving promotional materials by notifying the provider via email or by using the “unsubscribe” link in promotional emails.

Final Provisions

These terms and conditions are subject to Slovenian law.

The parties will aim to resolve any disputes amicably, and if that is not possible, the competent court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction over any disputes arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions.

The buyer is bound by these terms and conditions from the moment of placing an order or accepting an offer.

Pladent reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. Any changes will be published on the website, and the user or buyer is bound by the terms and conditions in force at the time of placing an order or accepting an offer.


**PERFORMER OF VIDEO SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROLLER OF PERSONAL DATA is PLADENT, a company for production and trade, d.o.o., Business Zone Žeje pri Komendi, Pod hrasti 18, 1218 Komenda, Registration number: 5540917000, Tax number: SI 51492342 (“Pladent d.o.o.”)**


Video surveillance is carried out to ensure control over the entry and exit from the business premises of Pladent d.o.o., with the purpose of asserting the legitimate interest (rights and duties) of protecting people and property (building, work equipment, and materials), as well as confidential information or business secrets.


Pladent d.o.o. does not process video recordings, so there are no specific impacts of processing. Video recordings are not transmitted to third countries. Sound is not recorded during video surveillance. Only authorized persons of the controller have access to recordings and live images. Video recordings are stored for a maximum of 6 months.


Individuals have various rights regarding personal data obtained in connection with video surveillance, summarized below (detailed definitions are provided in relevant legislation):

– **Right to access data** – Individuals can request information on whether personal data concerning them is being processed and various details related to the processed data (types of personal data, categories of recipients to whom personal data have been or will be disclosed, storage periods, etc.).

– **Right to erasure of data (right to be forgotten)** – Individuals can request the deletion of their personal data if: the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; the individual objects to the collection or processing of personal data, and there are no legitimate grounds for collection and processing; personal data have been collected or processed unlawfully; EU or national law dictates so.

– **Right to restrict processing** – Individuals can request the restriction of the processing of data concerning them if the processing is unlawful, and the individual does not want the data to be deleted; Pladent d.o.o. no longer needs the data for the intended purposes, but the individual needs them for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims; the individual has objected to processing.

– **Right to data portability** – Individuals can request a printout of data, provided by Pladent d.o.o. in a suitable format that the individual can obtain at the company’s headquarters.

– **Right to object** – Individuals can object to the processing of personal data by the controller within the framework of video surveillance based on legitimate interest.

Pladent d.o.o. reserves the right to verify the identity of the individual making such a request to ensure the legitimate handling of any requests related to the protection of personal data.

Pladent d.o.o. will fulfill a valid request within 1 month, or exceptionally, in the case of complexity or a large number of requests during the relevant period, within 3 months, with the data subject being informed about the extension and reasons.

**Exercise of Rights and Complaints Regarding the Processing of Personal Data**

Individuals can submit their request/objection to the email address info@pladent.si or by mail to the address: PLADENT, a company for production and trade, d.o.o., Business Zone Žeje pri Komendi, Pod hrasti 18, 1218 Komenda.

The individual to whom personal data relates also has the right to lodge a complaint directly with the Information Commissioner if they believe that the collection or processing of personal data concerning them is not in accordance with applicable legislation. Contact: Republic of Slovenia Information Commissioner, Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana; Telephone: 01 230 97 30, Email: gp.ip@ip-rs.si, DPO for the IP Office: dpo@ip-rs.si.