Technologies and machinery

Pre-Production Sampling

Using a laser and a smaller 3D printer, we can ensure pre-production sampling as well as fully functional samples before production is launched. Pre-production sampling supports the development of new products and finding optimal solutions.



Though we do not make tools for vacuum forming and slitting ourselves, we can enhance the maintenance process in our in-house tool shop. We can thus maximize manufacturing efficiency and preventive maintenance. Our tool shop allows us to do some machining changes or adjustment to the moulds to make needed engineering changes to the products (in adhesion or product manufacturing)


3 Die-Cutters and Kiss-cutters

Kiss-cutting Rotary Press

5 Vacuum Forming Machines

6 Roll Presses

2 plotter Lasers

Roll-to-Roll Laser

Collaborative Robot

3 Slitting Machines

Rewinding Machines

Laminating Machines

Various Cutting Machines – Longitudinal, Format and Transversal Cutting

Milling Machine


Drilling Machine

Various Saws