Lamination and rewinding


Before starting the cutting/slitting process, it is important to prepare the materials accordingly. As it is often the case, the basic protective layers would not suit the product application or cutting method. In such cases the materials need to be »rewound and laminated«.


Lamination is the technique of manufacturing multiple materials into the composite material. The most common material used in laminates is adhesion-free (e.g. foam) with an adhesion layer only. This enables us to select the most convenient carrier, as well as the most suitable adhesion for preferred application.

There are different lamination processes, depending on the application of a layer. In full lamination either side of material surface is fully laminated whereas in partial lamination the application layer would be one-sided.


Rewinding of materials is an important part in end-product processing.  Utilizing rewinding, we can achieve easier manufacturing and above all, smoother product application. In the process, we remove the protective layer from the whole roll or single smaller rolls, and replace it with a more applicable coating. We use various sorts of foils and siliconized papers.

Siliconized papers and foils

Siliconized papers and foils

Assorted siliconized papers and foils can be purchased directly from us. We stock diverse materials of various grammage, silicons and widths. The papers and foils from our stock can be supplied in smaller quantities, too.


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