History time line

Pladent d.o.o. is a family business with a long history in innovative vacuum forming, which was later extended to single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes processing.

It is no wonder that, after 50 years of growth and diversification, innovation has remained at the core of what we do today. From the first polyester cisterns and patented Contour Strips to today’s advanced knowledge in adhesion-based manufacturing technology, Pladent has led the way.


The 1960s

1967 – It is where we started in 1967 when our founders, Katarina and Štefan Zalaznik, started a company named »Vacuum Forming of Plastics and Resins«.

The 1970s

1970 – The company wins contract with IMP TOZD SKIP Company to develop and manage polyester laminated products.

1974 – Renowned for its development projects and technological know-how, the company cooperates with NOVUM Institute.

The 1980s

1981– Štefan’s vision revolutionized the vacuum forming technology. As an acknowledged innovator, Štefan Zalaznik was awarded an innovator ranking for the period 1981-1989.

1982 – Rado Zalaznik joins the company.

1984 – The company starts cooperating with the LEK Company. »Contour Strip« products are launched for Vivadent Company, Liechtenstein, specifically targeted for dental professionals.

The 1990s

1991 – »Katarina Zalaznik Vacuum Forming« company closes.

1992 – »Katarina Zalaznik Vacuum Forming« company adopts a new identity as Pladent Llc.

1992 – Foundation of joint-venture ITC Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia, targeting dental prosthetic specialists.

1997 – Štefan Zalaznik retires from a job. His ingenuity, and the leadership of his son, Rado Zalaznik, who takes over as a director, helps to build Pladent into the company it is today.

1998 – Pladent moves to a new location in Tacen.

The new Millenium

2000 – Pladent introduces adhesive tapes and foams programme. The new logo embodies the company’s commitment to implementing fresh ideas, creativity and ingenuity.

2006 -Purchase of a manufacturing plant in Vodice.

2008 – Major expansion takes place at Vodice plant.

2009 – The Company is awarded ISO 9001 certification.

A Time for Growth   

2015 – Purchase of property in Komenda Industrial Estate for construction of manufacturing plant and company head office.

2016 – Ground work for construction of new production facilities starts on the location in Komenda Industrial Estate.

The Anniversary Year 2017

2017 marks the company’s 50th Anniversary of providing customers with quality, value added products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. For 50 years, we have continued to launch new and innovative products in vacuum forming and adhesion solutions.

2018 – At the end of 2018 we have moved to a new, bigger location.


Reference: Sinteco