Discover the Power of Precision with tesa® Transfer Tapes

In the world of adhesives, precision and reliability are paramount. tesa®, a leading adhesive solutions company, has developed a range of transfer tapes setting new industry standards. These tapes are designed not only for bonding materials but also for creating resilient bonds across various applications, from electronics to automotive manufacturing. Let’s delve into what makes tesa® tapes special and explore the numerous industries where these tapes excel.


Differences Between tesa® Transfer Tapes


tesa® transfer tapes surpass conventional adhesive solutions. Designed with advanced bonding technology and precise engineering, they deliver exceptional performance. Key features include:

  1. High Adhesion and Cohesion: tesa® transfer tapes boast excellent adhesive properties, ensuring strong bonds on diverse substrates. High adhesion is complemented by superior cohesion, meaning the adhesive maintains its integrity under stress without splitting or peeling.
  2. Temperature and Weather Resistance: These tapes are designed to perform in extreme conditions, whether in industrial ovens or freezing outdoor temperatures, maintaining adhesive strength and durability.
  3. Versatile Use: tesa® offers various transfer tapes with different adhesive compositions, suitable for bonding plastics, metals, foams, fabrics, and more. This versatility ensures that there is a tesa® tape for almost any application.
  4. Clean and Efficient Application: The tapes are designed for easy handling and application, reducing waste and enhancing production efficiency. Their clean release liners prevent contamination, ensuring a clean application every time.
  5. Customization Options: tesa® understands that each application may have unique requirements. Therefore, they offer customization options to tailor adhesive properties and tape dimensions to specific needs.

Applications and Industry Use Cases


tesa® transfer tapes are utilized across various industries, each facing its own challenges and demands. Here’s how these tapes are applied in different sectors:


Electronics: In the fast-paced world of electronics, precision and reliability are crucial. tesa® transfer tapes are used for bonding components such as displays, touchscreens, and circuit boards. High adhesion ensures components stay securely in place, while clean application processes prevent interference with sensitive electronic parts.

Automotive Industry: The automotive sector demands adhesives that withstand harsh conditions and provide long-lasting bonds. tesa® transfer tapes are used in assembling various interior and exterior components. They are ideal for affixing emblems, trims, and sensors, where robust, weather-resistant adhesives are essential.

Medical Devices: The production of medical devices requires adhesives that are not only reliable but also safe for sensitive applications. tesa® transfer tapes meet stringent medical standards and are used in assembling devices such as diagnostic tools, monitors, and wearable health devices. Their ability to maintain secure bonds under diverse conditions is invaluable.

Construction and Building: In construction, tesa® tapes are used for mounting, sealing, and bonding. They are suitable for attaching decorative elements, securing insulation materials, and even glazing. Their strong adhesion and durability ensure that structures remain safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Packaging and Printing: tesa® transfer tapes for the packaging and printing industry offer solutions for splicing, mounting, and laminating. They provide reliable bonding for joining paper and films, ensuring packaging remains intact and labels stay in place even under challenging conditions.


tesa® transfer tapes demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. Their exceptional adhesion, versatility, and reliability make them indispensable tools across various industries. Whether it’s the complex assembly of electronic devices, the robust demands of automotive production, or the precision required in medical device manufacturing, tesa® tapes deliver unparalleled performance. By continuously pushing the boundaries of adhesive technology, tesa® helps industries worldwide achieve new levels of efficiency and reliability.

This publication is made in collaboration with tesa®