about us

Pladent d.o.o. is a family business with a long tradition and excellence in the field of plastic casting, which was later extended to processing and converting of single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes.

Ever since 1992, the company has been maintaining creative solutions and the highest levels of quality.The company is distinguished by long experience, ingenuity, quick response, flexibility as well as by creative energy and nonstandard approach to the challenges. We have designed our own in-house machines to achieve optimal solutions to our customers’ needs.

We continually upgrade our ISO 9001:2015 registration which assures our commitment to the quality of our products and production facilities. To demonstrate our engagement, we consistently upgrade the quality of our products and production processes to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of product quality, quality control and short delivery times.

In 2024, we have obtained the ISO14001 certificate, an international standard for environmental management systems.

Strategically situated in central Slovenia, within easy reach of the motorway and airport network, we can assure a reliable on-time delivery. Our storage facility allows for stock holding offering a one-day delivery to our regular customers, without having to pre-order.

What we can do?

Besides different ways of plastic die casting and adhesive tapes recasting – vacuum forming, cutting and slitting – we offer technical support and advising. Our product range of materials and tools are made to customer drawings and specifications, creating custom solutions and advising.

Expertise, innovativeness and adaptability make us the perfect choice to meet our customers’ needs and requirements. Improving quality while saving costs is our guaranteed commitment.

Our vision / Company policy

Continuing to thrive as a business, we will look ahead and nurture interpersonal relationships and a network of suppliers and partners to create cooperation, inspired and motivated to achieve end-to-end solutions. We are looking for new partners, customers and suppliers within Slovenia as well as in foreign markets. The competencies of our employees are of strategic importance to us; we are willing to endeavour to continuing education and training of our employees, enabling the individual employee to develop and gain experience.

We have always strived for innovativeness and flexibility, supporting unpredictable and unconventional thinking in problem solving. Our vision serves as a building block of our commitment to excellence through innovation and expertise.

Our goals:

At Pladent, we go further to find new opportunities for sustainable development and innovative ways for environment protection.

We are committed to comply with all relevant environmental laws, guidance and industry codes of practice.

  • Satisfied customers.
  • Contented employees.
  • Preserving nature and reducing pollution.
  • Short-time delivery terms.
  • No delivery delays.
  • No complaints.
Pladent - članstvo v slovensko nemški gospodarski zbornici

We are also a proud member of the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Slovenia). This step marks a significant milestone in our growth and development, reinforcing our role in the international business environment.

Joining the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce opens doors to numerous new opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and expansion of our business network. We are confident that this affiliation will enhance our competitiveness in the market, allowing us to more effectively stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in our industry.

At Pladent, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration as key drivers of success. Partnering with the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce presents an excellent opportunity to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships and contribute to the creation of shared value. We are committed to sustainable development, excellence, and innovation—values that align with those of the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce.